Descriptions by Lana and her videographer

satin lingerie
Come let Lana show you some of the silky underthings and sheer lingerie she bought while in New York. Let's have fun!
naughty girl

I love to dress-up as a sassy school girl. I'll tease you in my short skirt, white stockings and white satin panties. Maybe you'll give me a spanking!                   Well Well, she said it!!!

lingerie and stockings
You've gotta have garters, stockings and heels with this little outfit.
see through
This outfit looks fun. A super sheer hippie/genie outfit. I don't quite know what it is, but it sure feels sexy!
silk lingerie
I feel almost nude in this little nightie. Fun and flouncy!  You look fun and flouncy too Lana!
velvet pantyhose
A Special request from one of Lana's members. Velvet is his thing.
silk nightie
Having some fun in the morning on some luxurious cotton sheets and my silk turquoise nightie.

This is her sheerest little babydoll yet. Things get pretty hot in this vid!

In this beautiful see-thru black babydoll, I feel just like a glamorous 50's pin-up girl!
I just feel so feminine in my full bodystocking with my trusty feather boa!
upskirt panties
Watch Lana get carried away wearing her white lace-top stockings and show off her new lacy bra and panties.
For these hot August nights I'll take a sheer hot pink bikini and a sheer robe.
pink lingerie
Making hot sauce in hot pink lingerie - YUM!!
silk lingerie
Lots of room to roll around on a king sized bed with a white rayon nightie on beautiful sheets. But first I dance around the room to some great music in my little slip.  I slip the straps off my shoulders and tease you with my breasts.  By the end of the night you've seen my panties and I leave you wondering if you're going to see more of me ...
upskirt office girl
Finally after a hard day, I can slip out of my lace teddy and silky stockings and into a soft satin robe.  Under my blouse I'm wearing a lace bustier with a thong attached.  I pull up my skirt to show you my black lace top stockings.  Then I slowly remove everything and put on my satin robe and am ready to enjoy the evening ...
With some great music I can really get carried away, grinding my hips and moving to the beat. I just love the way this slinky pink gown feels swirling around my body while dancing. My dress is actually totally see-thru so you can see my naked breasts and bum.  Eventually I get so hot and turned on I have to take it off ...

Watch Lana play with a whispy scarf in a sheer black nightie and sheer black stockings with a garter belt.  The red satin sheets make a perfect backdrop for her luminous skin and blonde hair.  All that satin and lace are enough to make her feel like getting a little dirty ...

Time to wash my soft delicates! Let me pull them out of the basket and play with them one piece at a time for you!  I hold up for you to see many sexy little things ... babydoll nighties, satin slips, soft feathery underwear, thongs, a bustier or two ... all sorts of intimates for you to see, honey ...
So fresh and clean! I think I'll change from my sheer blue slip into my see-thru nightie right here in front of the dryer!  My high heels make me feel so sexy and my see-thru panties don't leave much to the imagination ... want to see?
Come on in and slip and slide around with me, sweatheart. Are you wearing satin shorts?  There's nothing quite like the feel of satin on bare skin, I think.  I just love the feel of my sexy satin slip and pink satin robe and get so carried away that I take it all off ...
Tonight we join Lana wearing a filmy sheer white robe over a white satin slip.  Under the slip is a pair of white stockings, which she teasingly removes, and a matching thong.  She does a slow hot striptease in her high heels ...
 I can't believe it!  This short little video's been lost for ages...I forgot I even had it until I had a few requests for it.  So here it is out of the vault...hope you enjoy it!  I'll be updating with something new later this week.  There's almost nothing like some lace on my body and satin sheets on my bed ...
sheer robe
Dressed in a sheer black negligee and matching robe, black stockings with garter belt and very high stripper shoes, Lana enters the room.  She sensually strips off the robe and we get a beautiful view of her butt and the rest of her body through the see-thru negligee, which she slowly removes ...
satin sheets satin nightie

Don't you love my feather pillows? Nylon on satin on satin with feathers. Sooo nice!  I love the way my pink satin slip hugs my curves and feels against my skin.  Delicious!!  And my black stockings complete the experience, don't you think ...


Lana loves jungle prints and today we join her on her bed as she's wearing black stockings and a golden babydoll with a matching see-thru thong.   The feel of the pink satin sheets soon gets to her and she can't stop caressing her long legs and her soft perky breasts ...



silk lingerie

Wearing a short red satin slip, matching satin panties and strappy high heel sandals, Lana enjoys the cool evening breeze on her hotel balcony.  To her delight (and ours!), the wind blows her skirt up and shows us her beautiful round bottom.  Later she lifts her skirt for us and shows us her red satin g string thong ... and then the nightie comes off completely...


It's late at night in Hawaii and Lana's wearning a little pink babydoll with sheer matching bedjacket, see-thru panties and some strappy high heels. She poses for us, showing off her breasts and more through the sheer material...


babydoll lingerie

Just back from the beach, Lana slips into her very short, very sheer nightie with matching satin panties.  She enjoys rolling around on the king size hotel bed, teasing us with her body...

lingerie fashion show

Having fun in some sweet sexy sheer lingerie while doing promo shots for her website, she shows us her breasts through the sheer material and then teases us and exposes them completely. The feel of the satin of her slip on her skin is totally distracting...for her and us!

lingerie gown

Feeling glamorous in her sheer, silky long blue gown and pearl necklace, Lana loves knowing she's being watched.  She teases us while pleasing herself in her satin-covered arm chair.  She lifts the dress for us showing us her black lace g string.  Before the end of the video we find her taking the dress off completely, stroking her lovely perky breasts.

feather robe

Wearing a nylon see-thru nightie, we catch Lana as she puts on fresh lipstick...she can't help but caress herself all over, revealing her satin panties.

satin nylon

This sexy, sheer little white nightie is one of my favorites -- I love how the light shines through it. It was a gorgeous, lazy, sunny Sunday morning so I thought I'd put on a little show...First I show you my babydoll, then my see-thru panties. Later I try on my pink satin robe, which just ends up coming off again...


What can I say? This was one of my first videos ever. I was a little nervous so it's just me doing my toes in one of my favorite outfits, a sheer pink babydoll nightie with matching panties.


lingerie membership

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