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Hi Guys!
I just love lingerie! Whether I'm parading around the house in a naughty little nightie and heels or writhing on satin sheets in a silky slip, I love it all! What turns me on more is you watching me. Come inside and we can go through my lingerie closet and try on everything together!   Is satin your thing? I've got lots of that. I've also got lots of sheer little babydoll nighties, teddies, sheer nylon robes, slips, stockings, garters, pantyhose, high heels and even three pairs of fluffy slippers! I've got it all.
All my videos are fully downloadable with WindowsMedia and QuickTime or you can stream them fast with FlashPlayer. We've also just added super high quality HD as well. There are 1000's of pics inside too!
So come on into my house darling, I promise you a really good show!
Love .... Lana XOXO
sex in lingerie
sex in lingerie

Feathers, satin, nylon and chiffon.  It's morning at Lana's and she's more distracted showing off for you than making any coffee. One strange thing though. We had a blackout in the middle of the shoot. This will end up being part one of a two parter.


nightie sex
nightie sex

It's time to change again. Out of a rayon micro mini leopard print into a red hot satin slip. Once I put this slip on I kind of felt like a Can Can girl. Very western and fun to wear. But you know I'm a softie for satin.

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lana lingerie fucking
Today Lana wants to show you her white chiffon negligee. She slowly slips out of her vintage red party dress revealing her lacy white bra and see-thru panties. Holding up her tan stockings is a little lacy white garter belt. After removing her bra she puts on the babydoll negligee and finds herself getting carried away with you...
lana lingerie slut
lingerie slut

Lana as a Cop??  Well, she tries. In lingerie of course. This poor little bear gets handcuffed and an earful as Lana struts around in her sheer micro-mini police uniform, garter, stockings and five inch black patent pumps.  All is well for Teddy in the end though as he gets a nude and stocking rub down. Fun was had by all!

sexy lingerie fucking
fucking in lingerie

Light purple is the theme of this silky video. Lana starts off on three layer satin sheets and satin pillows wearing a more traditional sheer negligee. She then turns up the heat by slipping off her negligee and donning this trashy little babydoll you see on the left. Skimpy, sheer and trashy with sky high heels on satin sheets. You know Lana's going to have lot's of fun!



lingerie sex
panthose silk slip

Lana just loves pantyhose. She just loves to pull them high and and tight. It feels so good. She starts off wearing a full length gown flirtily playing with and lifting the hem. She then gets down to just her stillettos and pantyhose. Hot! She then dons a little pink and black silky slip and has some real fun. The sound of silk rubbing nylon is just too sexy in this vid.


sex in nighties

After a long day at the office, Lana is looking forward to slipping into something a little racy and lounging on her satin sheets. First she slowly unbuttons her satiny white blouse...then she slowly slips her skirt over her butt and removes her stockings and garter belt. She then slides her sheer vintage red see-thru nightie on and is ready to enjoy the evening.


sex on satin
fuck on satin

Lotsa requests for slips. Satin slips and sheer litttle ones like this. Lana enters in a classy lace dress with black stocking, garter and patent leather pumps. All red and black.  She slowly gets undressed  and "slips" into a sheer little slip, white garter, white stockings and white fluffy slippers.  That's a lot to change but Lana loves doing it just for you.  Lana will tell you just how much she loves it on the video. Promise!

sex on satin
glamour sex

Dressed in a sheer black sequined babydoll and heels, Lana comes into the room carrying a pair of black stockings and a short tight sequined party dress. Getting ready to go out, she first puts on her stockings then slowly removes her negligee and puts on her dress, ready to show it all off to you and hit the town.

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Pantyhose Lingerie Porno Movie
   Being in a playful mood, Lana shows off her sheer robe with frilly sleeves, while wearing pantyhose and fluffy white marabou slippers. She unties the robe and slips it off, loving the feeling as the soft material glides over her body and caresses her curves. After a while she decides to slip on her see-through negligee that matches her lacy g-string and we watch her enjoy the feathers as they tickle her body. Finally, she removes the white nightie and her pantyhose and...
sheer lingerie sex
see-thru lingerie sex
Lana just got back from some serious lingerie shopping. Wearing a babydoll, heels and pantyhose, she goes through her closet and shows you all the pretty silky satin slips, panties and nylon nighties that she just can't wait to show you in future videos.  She gets a bit ahead of herself and even tries on a few in this video.

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